Monday, January 16, 2012

Family Picture Wall

We have this wall in our "office"  on which I've always hung the girls school photos.  For awhile I had different sizes, colors and orientations of frames.  I never liked it.  So, I recently bought new matching frames.  Dave hung them and because they were larger than what I had, the FAMILY sign wasn't quite spaced correctly.  I still didn't like the wall.  

So, for Christmas I asked for some money so I could re-do the wall.  This is what I planned:

But the wall wasn't long enough to accommodate all of the photos.  So this is what I finally wound up with:

Another view:

Still another:

 I'm not finished adding  photos.  I want to put some vacation shots in the smaller frames.  I know I have some great beach pictures.   Right now they still have the factory photos.

I still really like the frames that the girls' school photos were in so I'm thinking of using them on a different wall.  Is it too much to have TWO family photo walls???

I'd love to hear your opinions!

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