Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grace's BIG news

I can't believe I've kept you all in suspense for so long. It wasn't malicious in any way. It's just that I've been so busy! With work, and my new "job" at the gym. Have I told you all about my new position? What? You all want me to get on with Grace's news? You mean you DON'T want to hear about my new job as the scorekeeper at the gym? Oh, you do, but just not right now!?

On to Grace's big news. If you've been following Grace's gymnastics journey you are aware that she is part of the TOPs program. That is the Talent Opportunity Program which identifies athletes with potential and trains and accelerates them to one day, hopefully, be on the National Gymnastics Team.

During each summer the TOPS girls test at the state level and if they qualify they are invited to the National Training Center in Texas, otherwise known as the Karolyi Ranch, to test nationally. Then IF they qualify they are invited back to the Ranch to train for a week with the National Training coaches. They also become members of the National TOPS Team.

About 50% of our gymnasts on the Olympic team have come up through the TOPs program. For instance, Courtney Koupets and Shawn Johnson were both on the National TOPs Team.

What? Grace's news? Oh, I'm getting to that. Now? You want to know it now?

Grace QUALIFIED for the National Testing and will be going to the Karolyi Ranch on Oct 1-3!!! Only 4 girls from Georgia qualified and only 2 from her gym!!!

The testing will consist of the same physical abilities test that she did in the summer but additionally they will test her on skills. She has been busily learning and perfecting those skills for the past month.

Unfortunately, only one parent is able to be a chaperone and I lost the coin toss. So, Grace will go to Texas with her teammate Hannah and Hannah's Mom.

We are beyond excited and proud of our sweet little girl! We know she will do her best and we hope that will be good enough to be invited back as a member of the National TOPs Team!!

My news as the scorekeeper kinda pales in comparison to Grace's news. I'll post more about that later. What did you say? Thank goodness?

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor day weekend

What a great weekend! After this past month of running around, trying to get back into the swing of a new routine, we really needed this time to sit back and take a breather.

We did lots of relaxing by the pool, the girls made dinner (chicken potpie) and we practiced putting hair up for the "competition curls"!

I'll post more to catch everyone up on the past month events; beginning of school, first gymnastics meet, first dance performance, first cross country meet and some really fantastic news regarding Grace!

Gotta go and enjoy the last of this wonderful, wonderful last weekend of summer!