Thursday, April 3, 2014

Just an update

       Hi, this is Tina's daughter, some of you may now me as the non-asian child of the family, or as Sarah (I prefer Sarah better). I just randomly rebooked at every single post that my mother had posted and loved reading and looking and some quite old photographs. I'm quite sad that my mother had stopped blogging. But I'm here to update you!! My mother probably won't even notice that I posted something (if she does… HI MOM!).

       Here's an update on everyone and everything:

I'm in high school (something my mother has been fearing). I'm almost done with my sophomore year. I'm going to a different school next year, one that is quite closer, and it is a public school! I'm still dancing just with a different studio. It's a more competitive studio so I do show a little skin when I dance, that took a while to convince my mother that showing skin is OKAY. I've started to drive, I have some crippling fear of driving and have only driven a few times since June… don't judge. I am part of my schools yearbook I am a photographer. I love taking pictures!!

Grace has literally grown up so much… the aliens have sucked her brain out and she is a sassy teen. She has become such an outstanding gymnast. She has overcome a back injury and a knee injury. If you aren't friends with my mother on Facebook then… Grace tore her meniscus she had surgery for it, but they just snipped off the torn piece and she went back to flipping in about a month. My parents have put Grace in homeschooling to allow her to have a more flexible gymnastics scheduale (no pun intended hehe). Grace workout Monday-Saturday 9:30-2:30. I do not know how she does it. As a sister, I have seen her grow as a gymnast and also as a person. Like once my mother said about me, I have seen her become more mature and how she deals with situations.  

Sweet, sweet Analiese she is 11. 11! Does that not scare you?? She is going into middle school next year, if that doesn't give you a heart attack then I don't know what will. As you can tell Analiese has found a love for cheerleading. I mean how could you not tell she has always been super peppy and supportive of anything you do! Also this child has become super sassy… I guess I just rub off on my sisters. She still says the sweetest stuff and stranger is still not in her vocabulary. She is the family's sunshine!

The old geezers (I mean parents):
Mother hit the halfway point 50! And dad hit dinosaur age 61!! But hey the still look like 20 year olds! Even though they have 3 sassy teenagers they know that we love them! They are super parents, and I mean they do everything for us. They carry us around place to place, purchase us nice things, and just do everything even when we don't deserve it! Love you mom and dad! Even though I probably don't say it I lot, I LOVE YOU!!