Thursday, February 11, 2010

What we didn't expect

I read this post about what was not told about adopting a child considered special needs. I then began to think about all of the things we were NOT prepared for when we adopted Grace and Analiese.

Like the article mentioned, the things we were most unprepared for were not the challenges but the blessings!

With Grace we certainly were not prepared for the wonderful feelings that made us want to go back to China a second time. With Analiese we never expected a child so full of charisma and spirit that she would make an impact on everyone she met.

We never expected, six years later, to watch Grace make a very grown-up, very difficult decision and do it carefully with much thought and consideration.

We also never expected Analiese to be at least a year younger than we were told and to be excelling in a grade that she really shouldn't be in yet!

We never expected to be taught so much by our girls. We've learned to love more, laugh more and live in the moment. And we know that there is so much more we are going to learn.

Adoption, for us, has not turned out to be the journey we expected--it's been so much better!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dinner Conversation

Dave: "I think Analiese is a genius"

Grace: "What? Like Frankenstein?"

Sarah: "No, like Einstein"

Grace: "Whatever..."

Life is never boring at our house!